Let’s take a moment for some honesty: most designers are in the dark when it comes to knowing how to choose the best imprint method. It just isn’t high on their priority list when they’re starting school or scrambling to find clients during a new freelance career.

Years later, they’re still making mistakes like using CMYK inks when PMS would have worked better, picking a paper stock that doesn’t work with the design or the imprint method, or trying to emboss a super detailed design.

Errors like these can quickly rack up your costs at the printer—and they add days to your production time. So, how do you avoid these and other common printing issues?

The first step is learning how each imprint method works. When you understand the printing process, it’s much easier to see why dark stocks don’t work with inks or why not every printer offers the same foil colors.

The print designers at Company Folders created this handy resource to teach you all of that information, plus more. You’ll learn which color options are available for which imprint methods and how to choose paper stocks that will bring your designs to life. See great examples of print designs and find out more about their services on their website.