20 Best Examples of Knolling of 2015

We have all seen this piece below, I am sure, and I have always loved it, but now when I find it in my image search for knolling I love it even more, it all makes sense.

We are excited to launch our Samahope Knolling series. What is knolling, exactly? Technically, Knolling is a unique way of taking photos of similar objects in a cool manner. The actual definition of knolling is “the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization” but lately it’s become one of our favorite blogging trends. What our clinicians do on a daily basis is extraordinary, and we wanted to provide our community with a view of the every-day devices they use.

So, Here we share 20 Best Examples of Knolling  of 2015 For your Inspiration.

20 Best Examples of Knolling of 2015

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